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Welcome to Vahlsing Equipment, Inc. !

Vahlsing Equipment, Inc. is your one stop for all used construction equipment needs!  We have listed a full line of crawler dozers, graders, bulldozers, excavators, mini excavators and wheel loaders from a wide variety of manufacturers. 

In a world where almost everything has increased in price, a large amount of individuals are opting for the advantages that are offered in buying used construction machinery.  Many times they are individuals and owners of construction companies that can end up saving a large amount of money when they are able to find quality used equipment at very reasonable prices.  Vahlsing Equipment, Inc. is one place that offers individuals the advantage of being able to select through large assortment of listings that feature both quality new and used construction equipment.

Vahlsing Equipment, Inc.

849 Route 539
New Egypt, NJ 08533 

Phone: (866) 550-5455 - (908)256-0234

Fax: (609) 758-5545

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